Abusing a girl, abusing a case

Roman Polanski is back in Paris, but the trial goes on: a whole new generation has learnt about the case through the media and often their opinion is not in favour of the Polish filmmaker. On the internet, people say “Another paedophile is free, bad news for the world…” or “Apparently, when you belong to the elite, you are above the law”. To many, the Polanski case seems to be a good movie in which the Idea of Justice has to struggle against the stream of elitist power play, Zionist influence and behind-the-scenes politics of Polanski’s friends. Since Polanski is free, this movie has reached its unhappy ending – which, as Polanski himself pointed out in an interview, is a reason for people to care all the more about the story. “If China Town had a happy ending, people would forget about it,” Polanski said. Injustice, he explained, sells. Unfortunately, this also explains why the events of 1977 still haunt him: the Polanski case appeals to people’s basic feelings of justice and injustice.

If you feel sad about Mr Polanski being free again, I would like to explain my point of view to you. It is rather naive to think of the Polanski case as a case in which it is the “Rule of Law” versus the “Rule of Power”. This is exactly how those who abuse the Polanski case to make a name for themselves want us to think, turning the Polanski case into a media trial evolving around the question: “Can you rape a girl and get away with it?” Of course, many people say “No!” to this question and call all those who think differently pro-paedophiles or elitist left wing intellectuals “who prefer good movies over justice”.

This is how America’s conservative hypocrites like to simplify the matter. What Polanski did is wrong, but the real question is: “Should he be tried for it 32 years later and should this happen in America?” France had offered to try him but America declined the offer – a decision that had a lot more to do with power than with justice.  So had the decision to go after Polanski once more, 32 years later. If this prosecutor wants justice to be done, there are fare more serious and urgent cases he could draw his attention to than this one.

Basically, the Polanski case is just a great show, not an important case for anybody who is really concerned about Justice. And that is precisely why the whole world is talking about it. It has great entertainment value, including the possibility of Mr Polanski surprising his audience with a James Bond escape on skis, as The Times suggested: “The Swiss authorities ordered that he should not leave his chalet – for fear that the first-rate skier might slip over the nearby border via a mountain pass into his adopted French homeland and escape US justice a second time.”

Nice stuff. But to those who see the case as a battle between Justice and Mr Polanski-the-paedophile-who-gets-away-with-everything-because-he-is-a-great-filmmaker-and-belongs-to-the-Parisian-cultural-oyster-eating-elite I would like to say there is another battle going on in the world that perhaps deserves your attention and preoccupation with Justice just as much.

We are being manipulated by a whole other elite, the Bushists, who see in Mr Polanski the incarnation of all they fear and hate. Let’s not forget that Polanski made his anti-American film The Ghost Writer just before he was arrested: in this film, he addresses the subject of Justice, represented by the International Criminal Court trying to hold those who committed war crimes in Iraq accountable for their wrongdoings, as opposed to Power, represented by the US who of course refused to recognize the jurisdiction of the ICC fearing that Bush and Cheney could be prosecuted for their lies and war crimes. The film brilliantly shows how hard it is to do anything against this Power, because its invisible influence is everywhere.

This is the other elite: the elite of the dollars, who are prepared to start a war for making money. The elite that the Polanski-haters are referring to is a very small left wing elite who cannot do much more than write articles in newspapers or make movies. They don’t have real power over the world. Luckily, sometimes, a French president can use his influence to avoid that all those who speak out against the American power play are but behind bars.

But when are Mr Bush and Mr Cheney going to be tried – and do you care about it? Or are you more concerned with a 76 year old getting tried for something he did 32 years ago, for which the victim does not want him to be tried anymore, and this in a place where death penalty is still practised, being but one of many questionable aspects of the whole justice system?

The Polanski case has become a mass media fake trial with great entertainment value, in which people canalize their feelings about justice – but just as much jealousy and other stuff -, whereas all the cases of injustice and barbarism they could read about and talk about, learn about through Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, fail to catch their attention, being not sexy enough.

That is the real perversion of this case, not Mr Polanski’s.

So, if you are one of those many people who want to make the world a better place by calling the Polanski case a flagrant example of injustice, let me remind you once more: this 13 year old girl is now 45 and she does NOT want you to be worried about this case any longer! So please find a better way to do something with your longing for Justice.


One Response to “Abusing a girl, abusing a case”
  1. Pieter schreef:

    De gesignaleerde omkering van de rule of power / rule of law maakt dit een briljant stuk, zij het dat ik de macht niet bij Bush c.s. zou leggen, maar bij de publieke opinie. De (democratisch gekozen) aanklager is de verpersoonlijking van die diffuse macht. Polanski, die altijd moest vluchten—voor de Nazi’s, in 1977 voor justitie—, kan dat nu niet meer: het internet is overal. De wereld heeft hem ingehaald. The Ghost Writer gaat dan ook niet over Bush of Blair, maar over de schuldgevoelens van Polanski. Adam Lang is de publieke, schuldige, pedofiele Polanski die terecht moet staan (vermoordt wordt door een demonstrant) . De ghostwriter is de kunstenaar Polanski (de “echte”, de onschuldige) die de schuld van de publieke Polanski onderzoekt, maar ook de mens achter het masker wil laten zien. Het ware proces Polanski, waar iedereen om roept, heeft al plaatsgevonden op Martha’s Vineyard / in een Zwitsers châlet.

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